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About Jennifer Garant

Jennifer Garant is one of the most highly licensed artists in the world. Her Signature Chefs have been distributed world-wide on a wide variety of licensed products for the home. Her art has been distributed on posters in over 50 countries as well as on thousands of products for the home. Each year her collector base grows as well as the companies that license her art for their products.

Her figurative paintings capture the essence of whimsical charm and humor.

Though you can find her artwork in thousands of stores there is a huge demand for her originals. There are collectors from all around the globe from Hollywood celebrities , sports heroes, business icons to world renowned chefs. "I guess the best thing for me to hear when someone looks at my work is that it makes them smile, whether the characters are thin or larger than life they exude humor, charisma, and charm", Jennifer muses.

At the age of 27, Jennifer was commissioned by the Vancouver General Hospital to paint what would become the largest mural in North America at the time.

Jennifer has done numerous sold-out shows and currently resides in La Quinta, California. In January 2006, Jennifer's painting "Faux Paw" was featured on the cover of Art Business Today. In the March 2006 Decor Magazine, in an article entitled "A League of Their Own", Jennifer was named one of the top five women making a difference in the art and framing industry.

Jennifer likes to work on heavy weight French paper as well as canvas where she employs a special old world texturizing technique which gives a contemporary image a look and feel as though it was been painted a long time ago. In a lot of her work, you will spot her attention to detail and her flair and love for scarves, shoes and fabric as well.

Many of her chefs have wine and food and also include the French influences of Paris as well as New Orleans. New Orleans has been her favorite city since the first time she visited it. "There is something in the air and though it is a city I would liken it to a valuable work of art only to be outdone by the charm of those who live there. I would like to think that my artwork comes from the spirit of good food, good wine, good music, good laughter and dancing and a good life. I love what I do and I hope that it shows."